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Deming 5062 Series Horizontal Split Case Pump  

BUILT FOR A LIFETIME OF SERVICE! This Deming 5062 series horizontal split case pump will still be doing its job well into this century and beyond. This super-sturdy pump/motor base mounted unit was designed for a cooling tower application at a metal fabricating plant in Upstate New York. Our partner account’s salesperson told us his customer wanted the most rugged, bulletproof pumping solution they could get and Depco delivered!! The pump is directly connected to a WEG Severe Duty IEEE841 motor on a fabricated steel skid custom built by the Depco Production Department. She’s a real beauty!!

More Custom Built Solutions:

Jabsco Food Grade Lobe Assembly

THE PLOT THICKENS... JABSCO LOBE PUMP UNIT SOLVES PROBLEM: A facility that makes biofuels from algae contacted one of our partner dealers to help with a unique application – recirculation of an algae/seawater mixture through Nano filtration in order to get the algae sludge ultra-thick prior to processing. Our technical salesperson had to engineer a single pump unit that recirculated the solution from a starting base of 100 CPS to the final 100,000 CPS viscosity. A Jabsco LH54 2” lobe pump coupled to a Nord gearmotor, controlled by a VFD did the trick. We sure “kelped” them out on this one (yes, pun intended).

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Jabsco Food Grade Custom Assembly

Food-Grade Jabsco Impeller Pump Mounted on Easy Cleanup Cart: Here's a unique problem-solving pump solution Depco's technical sales team provided to one of our partner distributors. It's a food-grade Jabsco Flexible Impeller Pump mounted on a cart wired with a KB Controls NEMA 4X VFD, ready to rock and roll. The end user is a gourmet small batch producer of creamy salad dressings. The pump can handle the thick, shear sensitive dressings, and the washdown duty motor, control, and cart make cleanup a snap.

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MP HTO 180 Assembly

Compact, Close-Coupled Hot Oil Pump By MP: : MP's HTO series of Hot Oil Circulation Pumps offer an economical solution to a normally costly process pump application. Our customer's customer is a "Bio-Fuel" manufacturer. They take animal waste and convert it into methane-based fuels. The MP HTO 120's we have been supplying keeps them cranking out the product cost-effectively. Ah, the glitz & glamor of the pump industry... LOL.

Ampco AC114 Pump Assembly

Cart–Mounted Ampco AC114 Pump Assembly: This convenient cart-mounted unit was custom designed and assembled by Depco for an up-and-coming Craft Brewery. Complete with variable frequency drive, it was ready to do all transfer and CIP duties a microbrewery needs. Cheers!!

Haight Pump Assembly Wth Cart

Haight Pump Vertical Filter Cart: This unit was unique in the fact that it was designed to pump several different weight lube oils. The flexibility of the Haight internal gear pump allows oils up to 10,000 SSU with an 1800rpm compact, direct drive motor. The Rosedale bag filter was mounted on a drip pan with drain to minimize spillage when changing the filter bags. The end user was a mine in Central Idaho.

Haight Custom Pump Assembly

Ampco AC 318DG Engine Driven Pump Assembly: Here is a pump combo you won’t see every day; An Ampco 3A-approved pedestal mounted sanitary pump coupled to a 6hp gas engine. The engine incorporated a 2:1 integral gear reducer which allows the pump to run at the precise speed for optimum performance. The unit was for delivering drinking water for remote Rocky Mountain resorts.

Cat Pump Custom Assembly

Super High Pressure Plunger Pump Unit: We used a Cat 1810 Stainless Steel / Block Manifold design pump that was set up to deliver 3gpm at 10,000psi. In order to keep the unit compact, the motor is directly connected to the pump shaft via coupling and is speed-controlled with a VFD. The ultimate customer was the US Navy for hydro testing deep-sea components for submarines.

Goulds Custom Pump Assembly

Base Mounted Centifugals: These workhorse units feature Goulds 3756 pumps direct connected to 15hp Weg cast iron, heavy duty electric motors. We assembled and shipped everything in 24 hours for an important cooling tower application for a hospital. Nothing pretty or fancy, but here is what we’re good at... putting together a solid, quality pump package in our shop. Quickly. Economically. Correctly.

Hydrocell Custom Pump Assembly

Hydra-Cell Pump/Motor Assembly: This straight-forward, robust, base-mounted unit helped improve the efficiency and quality of a CNC machine operation at an Aviation Machine shop making jet engine prototype parts. Rated for 11.6gpm at 1,000psi, this bad boy is pumping a “secret” synthetic cutting oil that aids in the fabrication of special alloys. Very hush-hush stuff.

Jabsco Custom Built Pump With Cart

One-of-a-Kind Jabsco Custom Wine Cart: A boutique winery in Upstate Michigan required a wine transfer system that was portable, of sanitary design, easy to clean, and economical. The solution: A Jabsco Flexible Impeller Pump mounted on a stainless cart w/ VFD ready to rock and roll. The customer liked it so much they made several on-line blog comments on how well it performed!

Jabsco Pharmaceutical Custom Pump With Cart

Jabsco Portable Lobe Pump Cart: DYK (“Did You Know”) Jabsco is also one of the premier manufacturers of Lobe pumps in the world!! Depco custom designed and built this sweet looking pump cart for a pharmaceutical plant. We integrated the pump with a Nord Gearmotor, a high-torque absorbing shaft coupling, and a VFD with an extension cord on a polished stainless steel cart.

Micropump Custom Assembly

Micropump Gear Metering Package: This problem-solving pump/motor unit features a Micropump 316ss magnetically coupled, seal-less gear pump directly mounted to an explosion proof electric motor. The end user needed to dispense precise amounts of a highly volatile and flammable liquid safely with as little human exposure as possible. Viola!!

MP Custom Pump

MP Pumps Self Priming Petroleum Units:This beefy looking pump package went on a portable jet fuel dispensing skid that was used at a remote air strip in Jamaica. A couple of challenges that had to be overcome was Jamaica only has 50hz power available which made motor sourcing an obstacle, and the pump had to feed filters, meters, swivels, and nozzles at relatively high volumes and pressures… a tall order for self-priming centrifugal pumps. But we made it work out just fine. “Ya Mon”.

Oberdorfer Custom Built Pump

Oberdorfer “Chemsteel” Assembly:This innovative unit consists of a pump from Oberdorfer’s Chemsteel alloy gear pump product offering a manually-engaged parallel gearbox, and a 24vdc variable speed motor with control. The end user utilized this package for mosquito control chemicals. Installed on an airplane, the chemicals were sprayed and fogged over rural areas prone to disease carrying pests.

Roper Custom Built Pump

Roper Gear Pump Package: Now this is a man’s pump!! A 4” heavy duty gear pump manufactured in the USA by Roper Pump Co., coupled to a double male – shafted gearbox that is driven by a UL-Listed, explosion-proof electric motor. This unit was designed for a waste oil plant and installed in a very hazardous location due to the vapors in the air. Notice the non-sparking Falk OSHA-Approved coupling guards. We pulled out all the stops in order to make this the safest pumping solution available.